February 29th, 2012

This blog has lain dormant now for some years. I began it when Vintage Purls was just a site about my hobby, rather than my full-time business and, as business got busy, the act of blogging fell by the wayside for want of time. I left the blog up because I thought it contained some useful information but the neglected blog gave some the impression that I’m not in business any more. This is most certainly not the case, Vintage Purls the company keeps me busier than ever. In fact we’re about to celebrate our fourth birthday!

I’ve long toyed with the notion of trying to make time for a little light blogging now and again. But I’m well aware that not many people read here, these days most of my online interaction is via the Vintage Purls group on Ravelry. So I shan’t make any promises of renewed blogging efforts (though you never know). Ravelry is by far the best online resource for knitters around, it’s a fabulous community and I feel very comfortable participating there so that’s where I think my efforts will stay in the meantime.

– Morag