Lace and Bead Scarf

The special project I’ve been working on was a present for my mother’s birthday. It’s a lace and bead scarf, it’s proven difficult to photograph but here goes:

Lace and bead scarf.

The scalloped border is based on a “peacock tail” pattern I found in an old Victorian pattern for cuffs. I threaded beads on my yarn so that each cast on stitch had a bead between it and then I used the crochet hook method to add beads throughout the rest of the garment.

After the scallops there is a little arch like pattern before it melds into my main pattern.

Lace and bead scarf border.

The main pattern being a sort of upside-down heart, diamond thing:

Main pattern.

It’s all in garter stitch so that it is reversible, the beads sit over a stitch so the scarf really does look the same from either side. It is knit in two halves and then grafted in the middle.

The colour has proved difficult to capture on “film”, it’s quite a dark teal. The beads are a lighter turquoise. The yarn is a 2ply wool from Bendigo Woolen Mills (the colour is “Venetian”, though their image does not do that colour justice either – it’s much darker) and standard foil lined seed beads.

It’s not a long scarf, just a little thing to tuck inside a coat in spring and autumn. The beading slows down the knitting but the finished effect is worth it, nothing too overt, just a lovely little sparkle when it catches the light.

17 Responses to “Lace and Bead Scarf”

  1. lisa Says:

    Wow! This is just beautiful! I love the pattern and especially the border desgin. Nice job!

  2. hesira Says:

    That is so pretty! I don’t think I’d have the patience for the beads, but the lace pattern is really nice.

  3. SandyUK Says:

    This is a work of love, I can see how much you have put into making this a very special gift for your mother.
    The intricate pattern is wonderful, thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Taueret Says:

    Oh that is *beautiful*. Your mum will love it!

  5. stell Says:

    what a great site, spotted it on the ravelry kiwi group, i’ll be back, there are not many modern knitters unafraid of fine needles!
    where in nz are you? or are you afar and just from nz?

  6. Helen Says:

    That is absolutely breathtaking!

  7. alison butteriss Says:

    Hello vintage purl, are you going to put the pattern on your site? The scarf is absolutely gorgeous!

    regards Alison

  8. Vintage Purls Says:

    Hi Alison,
    This pattern won’t go online I’m afraid – it was a special, unique gift for mum and I’d like it to stay a “one of a kind” for her.

    I’ve got a pattern for another beaded lace scarf swirling in my mind though, so maybe a different pattern of the same genre will appear in good time.

  9. kizzie56 Says:

    Beautiful work! How did you find the Bendigo Classic 2 ply? I have a cone and am about to start a Swallowtail shawl with it – same colour as yours

  10. Lisa Says:

    lovely scarf for your mother – thanks for sharng a pic
    thanks also for sharing the old patterns, there are many lovely ideas

  11. Michelle Says:

    Could you tell me where I can find out how to do that stitch pattern of the “upside down heart diamond” thing? what is its name?

  12. Vintage Purls - Free vintage knitting patterns, resources and discussion Says:

    […] had a few queries about the pattern for the lace and bead scarf I made mum. I won’t release the whole pattern because it was a special present and I like to […]

  13. Glenis Anne Thompson Says:

    where can I obtain a pattern for the lace and bead scarf pictured?

  14. Donna Brant Says:

    Please let me know how I can get this scarf pattern

  15. Rosa Ortega Says:

    I live this scarf, please e-mail me the patern.

    Thank you very much,

    Rosamaria Ortega

  16. Francoise Maulgue Says:

    Hi I have spun some alpaca and have been looking for lacy scarf pattern to knit up.
    I have been searching for months for something special and found your one with the beads.

    Is there any possibility that I could obtain the pattern from you. I am quite happy to pay for it.

    The alpaca is so soft in black and has been blended with turquoise in it so I really want something special to make it up in.

    Look forward to your reply

    Kind regards

  17. mil@lacy knits Says:

    The scarf is absolutely gorgeous!just love it!